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Customer success story

Client Pivots to a New Social Worker Model

During Clinical Staffing Shortages

In anticipation of rebranding the organization and expanding into new product lines, this client was determined not to expose the organization to a position where it would need additional staff to manage its membership needs. Due to regulatory constraints, the New York State Department of Health did not authorize beneficiary disenrollments, resulting in much higher caseloads and the demand to hire clinical staff. We were able to successfully leverage our temp-to-perm staffing model to help this client quickly onboard new staff with the full support of Impresiv Health throughout the process.


Key results included:
  • Our client received quality candidates within a week. Impresiv supported the candidates’ education and was an extension of the client’s team.

  • Our client eventually hired the temporary workers as full-time employees, and they became an integral part of their continued success and growth.

  • Our client did not pay conversion fees for their temporary workers who worked at least 6 months in their roles.

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“I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to the entire Impresiv team. Our close collaboration with Impresiv has been instrumental in achieving our internal and external metrics. Networking and building relationships have always been a passion of mine, and this partnership has been so rewarding. Let’s continue our collaboration and achieve great success together!”

-Associate Director, Home and Community Health Care Client